Agricultural sustainability, soil health and soil biodiversity training program for Africa.

The Global Initiative of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation has started a pilot scale information sharing and training program with African partners on agriculture sustainability, soil health and new approaches to measure soil biodiversity.

The course is run by the initiative which initially includes a webinar, online training and video materials, with an aim to staff and student exchange when additional resource is secured. The initiative is keen to expand this network to other parts of the world at appropriate time.

Our African partners and facilitators include:

  1. Dr Georges Martial Ndazana, The University of Dschang, Cameroon, Email:
  2. Dr Chinedu Charles Nwafor, University of Benin, Nigeria, Email:
  3. Andrew Tapiwa Kugedera, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe, Email:
  4. Pedro Humberto Lebre, University of Pretoria, South Africa,
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Soil health and biology masterclass and certification course for Australian growers and agronomists.

In partnership with Soil Science Australia and Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation – Western Sydney University, the initiative has launched soil health and biology masterclass and certification course.


In this program, participants learn about the properties of soils and learn how to adopt practices and strategies to enhance soil health and biological activities and use the power of plant-soil-microbial relationships to unlock soil nutrients, produce healthier and more nutritious plants and understand how microbes in soils influence soil fertility and drive plant production.

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