The Global Collaborative Network

With the CROP MICROBIOME survey.

The Global initiative of Crop Microbiome and Sustainable Agriculture aims to establish a global collaborative network – the CROP MICROBIOME survey – to collect soils from natural and cropland ecosystems worldwide. We aim to identify (1) a list of species of bacteria, fungi and micro-fauna; and (2) functional attributes characterizing the soil crop microbiome worldwide. We will focus on five functionally important and globally distributes crops: (1) rice, (2) wheat, (3) cotton, (4) corn and (5) potato.

We are looking for sites with well-established cropping areas across contrasting environmental conditions (e.g. soil types), and we ask our collaborators to contribute by sampling at least one crop.

See our Research Protocols page for details on the number and type of samples we request, or contact us for further information.

If your group or your organisation wants to be Foundation member, please contact us directly.

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